[AWC Sharing] Five In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2024

Five In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2024 🌟

As we welcome 2024, the tech job market is heating up! 🔥 Unemployment rates dropped to 2.1% in October 2023, indicating a high demand for skilled tech professionals. Which roles will take the spotlight in 2024?

🔍 Cloud Network Architect – Responsible for designing & maintaining cloud-based systems. Avg. salary in the US: $159,000/year.

🔍 AI/Machine Learning Engineer – High demand for creating AI systems. Salary range: $111,545 – $138,637 USD/year.

🔍 Cybersecurity Engineer – Protecting against cyber threats. Average annual pay in the US: $149,500.

🔍 Data Scientist – Analyzing complex data sets. Median salary: $103,500/year.

🔍 Product Manager – Overseeing product strategy and development. Avg. base salary in the US: $102,220.

Tech roles are diverse & dynamic. Which one sparks your interest?


Source: 180engineering

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