[AWC Sharing] Critical Insights into Service Contracts for Business Operations in Vietnam

For those engaged in business ventures within Vietnam, a profound comprehension of service contracts is indispensable. This informative overview aims to provide clarity on this critical aspect:


👉 Distinguishing Labor Contracts from Service Contracts: Explore the versatility of service contracts in addressing skill gaps and managing temporary projects. Understand the significance of work permits and the various visa types when engaging foreign workers.


👉 Foreign Contractor Tax: Gain comprehensive insights into Vietnam’s foreign contractor withholding tax, encompassing both VAT and income tax considerations for foreign entities providing services within the nation.


👉 Service Contracts in the Gig Economy: Delve into the ever-evolving gig economy landscape in Vietnam, exemplified by platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Grab. Comprehend the shifting dynamics in terms of worker rights and organizational responsibilities.


👉 Crucial Considerations: For those whose operations involve service contracts, it is imperative to prepare for potential audits. Ensure strict adherence to specific contract criteria to effectively mitigate audit risks and uphold legal compliance.


👉 Seeking Expert Guidance: To adeptly navigate the intricacies of service contracts and proactively manage legal risks, it is advisable to solicit the counsel of human resources experts well-versed in Vietnam’s complex business environment.


Staying well-informed is pivotal for making prudent decisions as you explore and expand your business endeavors in Vietnam.


Source: Vietnam-briefing


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