CASE STUDY #1: Security Engineer – Global Management Consulting Firm


Our Client is a global consulting firm, a pioneer in business strategy and is now one of the Big Three (or MBB, the world’s three largest management consulting firms by revenue).

The firm was working on a Digital Transformation project for a major bank and urgently required a Security Expert. They exclusively approached our specialist consultant for support in recruiting the right candidate for this urgent position, thanks to their positive past experience working with us on other challenging job orders such as Solution Architect, Implementation Consultant or Data Scientist for their consulting assignments.


  • Niche skill sets, small talent pool: Seeking a candidate with expertise in IT security, specifically with experience in large banking systems and infrastructures, along with strong stakeholder management skills. Must be based in Hanoi.
  • This is a non-permanent contractor position that requires full-time commitment to the project within one month. It may be challenging to attract a senior candidate to leave their permanent role for a short-term project.
  • Urgent need for a cybersecurity examiner to start work as soon as possible, preferably within a week of the offering date, as the project is coming to an end.

AWC Solutions

  • Thanks to our extensive experience with DevSecOps positions, we have a high-quality candidate database. We matched the profiles with the job description, and persuaded Senior candidates to interview for a full-time, short-term position.
  • To open the talent pool, we advised our Client to allow qualified candidates residing outside Hanoi to work online with the team. We targeted high-level candidates at large MNCs and remote working companies with flexible working hours and performance-based positions, so they can work on a side project with our Client.


  • Delivery time for the first batch of profiles: 01 hour since receiving job order
  • Number of candidates introduced: 03 top-tier Security Experts in Banking and Finance
  • Number of interviews booked: 03
  • Total filling time: 10 days since receiving job order.

The interview process took place within the next 03 days. We then supported the chosen candidate and our Client to negotiate pay and salary rates and finalize arrangements so that the candidate could start working right in the following week.

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